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Contact Brand Design for Social Media Services including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram for Associations and Companies in Fairfax, Reston, Alexandria, Warrenton NOVA, MD and DC

Social Media Services

Call Brand Design in Fairfax, VA for social media posting and management services. We handle the four main channels which include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. We serve clients in Fairfax, Reston, Alexandria, Ashburn, Gainesville, Warrenton, Culpeper, VA, DC and MD. Boost your website, SEO and branding strategy with social media services.

Our clients are HOA’s, real estate agents, HVAC, general contractors, physical therapist and insurance agents. We can also do social media for associations in VA, DC and MD and just about everywhere else.

We manage 3 channels per client as part of a discount package deal. Furthermore we will post up to two times per day on each channel (Monday-Friday).

Monthly Posting and Management Packages
Select 3 channels from:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

We work with our clients social media budgets and we are flexible on content creation. Our clients can provide all the social media content and we will post to all channels. Or a client can provide half the content or we will the other half. Or we will provide all content. If we provide the content, we research, write, create and post and we even research the photos.

Professional Social Media Management in VA, DC and MD

We Provide Monthly Statistics

  1.  Facebook – Number of followers, Average views per post, Post Reach
  2.  Twitter – Number of followers, Average views per post, Post Engagement
  3.  Linkedin – Number of Followers/Connections, Average views per post.
  4.  Instagram – Number of followers, Average number of profile visits, Post reach

Required Charges for New Clients*

*Kick-Off Meeting (One-time fee to begin program)

  • Identify objectives, audience and overall message
  • Determine social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • Define posting frequency for each channel
  • Discuss content creation options, assets, photography and other resources

*Account Setup (One-time fee to set up 3 social media channel accounts)

  • Set up for up three social media channels. (We make sure everything is set-up properly on each channel to ensure optimum results.) Client will pick 3 channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.


Monthly Content Meetings (Content, posts, scheduling, assets)

  • Our social media expert can meet with you online for 1 hour each month. SM content may be industry news items, community outreach, new employees, contracts and project updates, even Memes relating to your industry or holidays, etc.

NOTE: A minimum contract of 3 months is required for all social media clients.


For social media services in Gainesville VA, MD, DC and Northern VA area contact Brand Design in Fairfax, VA.  CALL: (540) 341-0200

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