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For Radio and TV Advertising, Jingles or Ad Campaigns in VA, MD or DC, Contact the Ad Professionals at Brand Design in Fairfax, VA

At Brand Design in Fairfax, VA, we develop radio and TV advertising campaigns that engage viewers and listeners. Our ad campaigns promote businesses, products, services, events and grand opening celebrations. Furthermore, when you need a radio or TV spots to work with print ads and direct mail, contact Brand Design. We do the creation and media planning in Northern Virginia, Reston, Alexandria, Warrenton, VA, MD and DC.

We plan the advertising schedule to include the number of spots, dates and times they run, and handle placement. We work out all the details, the budget, we pay the stations and fully manage the ad campaigns.

Advertising Professionals in VA, MD and DC

Radio commercials can be developed in three basic ways. They can be done as a live broadcast with an on-air personality, which draws a crowd. As a sponsorship which brings awareness to the sponsoring entity. Or as a produced radio spot with crafted narrative, dialog, music, sound effects and maybe even a jingle.

Brand Design works with the on-air talent, we produce jingles, we work with sponsorships, write scripts and handle the voice work and music.

TV ads are used for a wide variety of purposes and can be an effective way to reach an audience visually. There are numerous types of TV spots. TV commercials can be educational, tell a story, demo a product, be comedic and include celebrities.

If you are looking for creative ways solve a problem, make someone laugh or connect the product to a specific type of customers, TV ads work wonders. Brand Design will work with you to achieve your on-air advertising goals through radio or TV.

Contact Brand Design in Virginia, Maryland or DC at (540) 341-0200 to create, manage and place your next radio ad, jingle or TV commercial ad campaign.

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