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Contact Brand Design for Media Planning and Buying Digital Advertising, Print Ads, Radio Ads, TV Ads, Video, Magazine and Newspaper Ads in Northern VA, DC and MD

When it comes to print media, broadcast media, outdoor or out of home media, the internet, digital and traditional media planning and buying, consult with Brand Design, serving clients in Northern VA, Sterling, Reston, Chantilly, Fairfax, Alexandria, Springfield, VA, Washington DC and Maryland.

Brand Design works to understand your business products and services, your goals, your target market and your clients. We develop and utilize effective media combinations, consult with the media companies, help establish the budgets and the time frames for the campaigns. We negotiate pricing discounts with the publishers and stations for purchasing and placing your ads.

Brand Design works with banks, lawyers, health care professional, pest control companies, HVAC companies, manufacturers and the retail industry to develop media planning and buying strategies that work. We select the media platforms that work best for your brand or product and we plot and monitor the campaigns throughout the entire campaign.

Our media plans consist of an initial objective, strategy development, implementation and summary. The media strategy consists of the budgeting, target audience, the season, region of advertising, market size and much more. We do our market research, identify and target sweet spots and develop balanced program to promote engagement. When you want to advertise, whether it be in print, radio, TV or digital, contact the professionals at Brand Design in VA.

Contact Brand Design for media planning and buying in VA, DC and MD. Call (540) 341-0200.

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