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Contact Brand Design in Fairfax, VA to design and print your next custom-made brochure, flyer, pamphlet or leaflet. A well-designed brochure and flyer will include a customer’s brand and messaging and capture the culture of a company. Brand Design’s creative services team has years of experience developing just about every type, style and shape of multi-colored custom brochure to include, bi-fold brochures, trifold brochures, accordion-style brochures, short-fold brochures, die-cut brochures, embossed brochures, and pocket folder. We do the art, design, writing and brochure printing in just about any size or colors you need.

A business brochure is used to introduce a company, service and product and can even be used in a promotion. A brochure or flyer informs the customer about the business and lists company benefits, phone numbers, websites, etc.

They make great leave behind pieces and work for you long after you leave your customers place of business. Today, many businesses use websites as their online brochure and forget about the impact of a printed brochure. The advantage of a printed brochure is that a customer has something to read in their spare time, after you leave. They can feel and hold a brochure in their hand. They can save it for later. Many customers will keep a brochure on their desk and refer to it when needed.

Allow Brand Design to create your next custom brochure, flyer or pamphlet in VA, MD or DC. Call us at 540-341-0200.

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