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"We think of Brand Design more as a partner than a vendor.  Coastal has been using Brand Design's services since 2001 and has always received outstanding support, whether designing our website, trade show booths, logos, stationary materials, or brochures; we can count on Brand Design to be seriously engaged for all of our marketing needs.  Brand Design has been a great go-to partner for Coastal... when you want it done right and you want it done quickly, they're always on the cutting edge."

Curtis Wrenn
Coastal International Security, Inc

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Helping Businesses Break Out of the Pack

The lion is a stealthy predator with lightening-fast reflexes and a skillful plan of attack. It's a cunning opportunist and it's no accident that it's the king of the jungle.  Has your business developed a plan of attack? Does it utilize its strengths and capitalize on its competitor's weaknesses? Does your business seize every opportunity to make an impact?

Brand Design is a small advertising agency that gets big results for its clientele, no matter their size.  Since 1994, we have helped numerous start-ups, corporations, associations and non-profits break out of the pack and hit their stride with confidence.  Our objective is, and has always been, to augment a businesses strategy with all the communication tools it needs to make sales and thrive.

We get to know your audience, your competitors, your product and your team.  We become an extension of your company...and a tenacious partner and confidant.  We look at your business from every conceivable angle and design custom marketing approaches that your competitors will envy.

We learn your business from the inside out and use that information on a conceptual level to give your company a position of strength.  We utilize an experienced team of graphic designers, website designers and programmers, advertising and direct mail copywriters, photographers, and illustrators to ensure that our clients products and services reach their market professionally and on time.

Above all, Brand Design will separate you from your competition and make an impression.  No project is too small, too complex or too wild.  Whether you're introducing a new product or service, or trying to breath life into an existing one, we take on the toughest beasts and tame them.  Let Brand Design put you on top of the food chain.