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Welcome to the June issue of "Marketing Matters," a free monthly e-newsletter with tips and ideas for marketing your business. In this issue, we will discuss the importance of Online Video Marketing and the impact it can make to your business.

 Online Videos: Adding Your
 Business to Cyperspace

Using online video to get the word out about your business is a great way to monopolize on advancing marketing technology. In April 2012, 181 million people watched 46.5 billion videos and video ads online. [1] That is a huge audience, and the numbers are rising. If you do not have some sort of online video about your business, you are missing out on a golden opportunity.


Rick Bruner, research director at DoubleClick (a digital marketing technology provider), has seen firsthand all the numbers related to online video marketing and is a firm believer in its benefits.


"Online video ads are quickly becoming the medium of choice to drive both brand awareness and sales," Bruner said.
"The results show that there are clear [return on investment] advantages to placing video ads. We expect to see strong growth in the number of companies reaping the benefits of online video advertising in the coming months and years." [2]


How videos can benefit your business  

The scope of the online video advertising industry is growing rapidly; in March 8.4 billion video ads were posted on the Internet, and just one month later almost 9.5 billion video ads were posted. [1] Here are eight reasons why you should consider adding to those numbers with a video for your business.


1. Videos are faster - In today's fast-paced society, people don't want to have to stop to read a long explanation of your product or service. Watching a 60-second video is much quicker and less daunting than reading a page of text. So with a video, you are more likely to reach potential customers with the information you want to share.


2. It's free - While it might cost you some time and a bit of money to create the video, unlike a TV commercial you don't have to pay for airtime, so there will never be a limit on how many times your video can be viewed.


3. Strengthens website SEO - The better your website's SEO (search engine optimization) the higher it will rank on a list of results on a search engine page. Videos and websites containing videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results compared to strictly text pages, according to Forrester Research.[3] So if you optimize your video content well by using specific titles and keywords, you can really boost the visibility of your site.


4. Higher interaction rates - People are more likely to click the "play" button than to click an image ad, according to research done by DoubleClick. There is a large difference between the percentages, with the click-through rate for online video ads ranging up to 0.74 percent, while the rate for GIF or JPG ads is between just 0.1 and 0.2 percent. [2]


5. Boosts branding - Having a professional looking video on your website reflects well on you and your business. It enhances your credibility as a professional business, which in turn enhances the reputation of your brand. [4]


6. Easy shareability - People are much more likely to share interesting videos with their friends and family than they are to share written text or image ads. This shareability factor allows your brand to be spread around the Internet and gain recognition without you even lifting a finger.


7. Decrease your website bounce rate - Website bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who leave the site after their initial view, rather than continue to page through the site. Videos hold a visitor's attention and increase the likelihood that they will stay on your site. [4]


8. You can only go up from here
- Online video is still a relatively new technology compared to more traditional forms of marketing. Based on the numbers that show video has already had a huge impact on the marketing sphere, it is likely that those numbers will only continue to grow and provide more opportunities to help your business.


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