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The elephant is a large mammal; a machine that uses all of it's attributes to survive.  Elephants are known for their memory and intelligence.  They nurture one another and work together as a team.  They communicate through a series of gestures and inaudible sound frequencies.  Does your marketing strategy work like a fine tuned machine?  Do all aspects of your marketing program work cohesively?  Does your messaging communicate your marketing strategy?

In business, finding and exploiting your niche is what marketing is all about.  Marketing promotes your brand, your business and is a tool to aid with sales and training.  Brand Design develops strategic marketing campaigns that keep you in front of your clients and keep your employees educated.  Whether it's logo, brand and image development, an advertising campaign, a marketing strategy, media management, website development, copywriting or public relations support, we can package them cohesively so they work together.  Depend on Brand Design to put you right where you want to be.


What separates you from your competition?  How do your customers perceive you?  That's all wrapped up in your brand, your unique way of doing business that's recognizable and memorable.

Ad Campaign Development

There are many ways to advertise your presence — radio, TV, print and online.  Which methods will work best for your business?  Brand Design will craft a custom ad campaign for you that's based on a scientific approach and years of experience.

Marketing Strategy

Before you can make sales, you have to know your positioning and audience.  You have to have a strategy.  Let us help you formulate a tangible plan for the evolution of your business.

Media Management

Once you have your print, radio or TV ad crafted, you have to know where to place it for maximum impact.  Brand Design can create a plan for you and place your ads where they will roar the loudest.


What you say and how you say it is key to successfully marketing your product and service.  Effective writing works with the imagery to drive the message home.  Maybe it's time to let a wordsmith, and expert massage your message for a greater response.

Public Relations Support

Press releases are an effective tool to draw attention to your business.  Brand Design writes, faxes and emails every press release.  We utilize our own internal database for distributing to editors locally and in the Washington DC area.  We can include our clients specified publication list.  We also handle speeches, magazine feature stories and other public relations pieces.